Accounting and ERP Solutions

WisAcc™ Professional is a premier low-priced, high-end Enterprise Resource planning – ERP software in the market today – fusing together all the important business functions of an accounting program in one easy-to-use package. With the included source code, WisAcc™ Professional makes customization a snap, enabling custom fit WisAcc™ Professional to business requirements. WisAcc™ Professional is capable of handling multinational companies, with features like true multiple warehouse support, as well as a segmented General Ledger for keeping track of departments / divisions / offices and multi-currency. WisAcc™ Professional also boasts power and scalability through the use of the Microsoft SQL server database. Optimizing for SQL Server gives businesses power to expand like never before.


Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use WisAcc™, the superior choice for speed-to-value.


Deep and powerful feature rich solution, customized to customer needs, not to the limitation of the software.


Seamless online integration means more efficiency & productivity and less risk.

Freedom Of Choice

WisAcc ™ comes in three editions, hence provide you the freedom to choose what you actually need.



A bunch of Financial and Operation modules including payroll. Back end utilizes MS Access Database, hence provide Multi-user capabilities upto five concurrent users. Best for small to mid sized companies who are just converting from manual system or entry level accounting softwares like Peach Tree and Quick Books.


Having all the capabilities of WisAcc™ Basic, WisAcc™ Professional provides you additional power by using MS SQL Server as Database.Best for mid-sized companies who want to leverage the power of SQL Server. WisAcc Professional allows up to 20 Concurrent users.


An N-tier solution developed using the power of Visual Studio.NET, offers ultimate Solution. WisAcc™.NET is Database Independent and can be deployed on Web. It offers special features like Internal Control and work flow system, internal messaging, etc

System Manager

System Manager Controls access to all WIsAcc™ modules. It is the hub from which all other modules operate. System Manager allows you to choose the setting for individual users.You can save time by choosing default setting for how many copies and which style of form to print,calculate investments and loans and show reminders of incomplete tasks. It will be easily to sell to foreign clients with the simple yet powerful currency conversion function that allows you to create and update foreign exchange rates for multiple currencies.

General Ledger

At the core of the WisAcc™, General Ledger has most reliable and accurate tools and forms that consolidate all of your information in one place. Your bank accounts, credit card charges, deposits, payroll checks and expenses are all tracked and tied directly to your General Ledger. No more shifting through paper statements to find a single equipment purchase or deposit date.No more tedious calculations to add up all of the bills. No more fragmented systems, with inherent re-keying, and transfer of data from multiple sources. Set up recurring transactions to eliminate repetitive tasks. Create analytical reports, charts and budgets with full integration with MS Office. View and print both segmented and consolidated financial statements including Trial Balance, Profit & Loss account, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow statements


Minimize the time spent on purchasing and receiving with WisAcc™’s comprehensive automation and information tools. Combined with Order Entry, Inventory Control and Banking, WisAcc™ Purchase module provides a comprehensive, fully integrated purchasing system.From the moment you begin creating a Purchase Order,you’ll be able to drill down into all of your past Purchase Orders and bills with the selected vendor. You can receive partial shipments from a single Purchase Order, create a Purchase Order to fulfill a specific Sales Order and duplicate Purchase Orders if you place the same or similar orders repeatedly .


Sales are the engine that drives every business. WisAcc™ will boost your sales results by putting customer, inventory and pricing information at your fingertips. You’ll be able to react quickly to any emerging trends in the marketplace and adjust your sales efforts accordingly with easy pricing forms and built-in reporting capabilities.will make it easy to work with both inside and outside sales reps and split commissions.Promotions, sales incentives and other tools to drive sales are effortlessly incorporated into your day-to-day operations. Your business will efficiently handle today’s sales while being prepared to tomorrow’s growth.


Inventory Control reduces costly inventory errors, improve customer service, and will increase the value of your business. WisAcc Inventory Software provide full inventory control.Less invest in inventory without disappointing your customers with tools that help you plan your purchases with WisAcc Inventory software. See at a glance what is in stock, allocated and on order at each warehouse or in total. Transfer inventory between warehouses if an item is selling better at one location than another. Inventory can be purchased to fulfill a customer sales order with a one-click Purchase Order/Back Order generation button. Build Assembly Items, assign special pricing for items or categories of item and find the value of your current inventory in a few simple steps.


Growing your business requires planning and managing liquidity and control cash flows. WisAcc™ Banking module provide tools to quickly analyze cash requirements, and to ensure both liquidity and optimal use of cash resources. Manage the enterprise-wide cash cycles using the functions of Bank Reconciliation, Credit Cards, Postdated and deposited checks and tight integration with other modules of WisAcc. Forget different software for Check Writting, Bank Reconcilations and Handling Post Dated Checks. With WisAcc Banking Module, you get all these facilities fully integrated with your ERP.


Using WisAcc™ Payroll, make expensive and time-consuming payroll processes a snap. Stop spending money every month on outsourcing payroll when you have the right tools to make it easy to manage. Not only will you save money on a costly payroll service, you’ll get a centralized view of each employee. Access everything from their contact information to their birthday, and then switch seamlessly to their time sheets and paychecks. This is all in a secured environment so you can choose the people who will have access to these areas.

HRM Software

WisHRM is the key to proficient and successful time tracking and management in your workplace. It’s a Three in one System comprising the capabilities of High-End Time and Attendance, HRM and Payroll Software. Time and attendance module allows you to collect and organize your employee time data simply and accurately. Payroll module prepare Payslips quickly without any manual interference and mistakes. One Central HRM module handles all daily HRM chores like managing employee files etc a snap.

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