G Suite Consulting

G Suite is a cloud office package dedicated for enterprises.

It’s a collection of work tools that can be executed smoothly through computers, mobile phones and tablets, in order to
create a mobile office for the highest productivity.

G Suite Consulting
G Suite Consulting
G Suite Consulting

G Suite is much more than just an inbox for corporates.

Employees can collaborate with colleagues around the world in brand new ways.They can focus on performing meaningful work and making it easier to access relevant resources.

G Suite Consulting

G Suite Plans & Pricing

Professional office suite with 30GB storage
$6 USD / user / month in US

Best value. Enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and archiving
$12 USD / user / month in US

Premium office suite with advanced controls and capabilities
$25 USD / user / month in US

Striving for a brighter

future through G Suite

G Suite Consulting
  • Employees increase productivity through collaboration tools
  • Reduction of cost for communication through the relevant tools
  • Cloud services save the cost for the maintenance of hardware
  • Google helps you with any safety issues

G Suite integrates needs in office for corporates

G Suite Consulting

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A better choice of corporate files storage

G Suite Consulting

Hardware host for file storage

  • The capacity is expanded with a large amount of money
  • Access to files only on work computers
  • Hardware has a limited life and personnel maintenance required
  • High possibility of having a virus
G Suite Consulting

Sharing of files using Google drive

  • Unlimited storage space
  • Internet banking as secured as encryption connection
  • No risk of virus
  • Can be saved and retrieved from devices
G Suite Consulting

Storage of files with USB

  • Limited storage space
  • Leaking of company information if it’s lost
  • High risk of virus and infection
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