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How to Create a Perfectly Optimized LinkedIn Company Profile

Before closing a professional deal with a person or a company, we usually check their LinkedIn profile. If your initial interaction was satisfactory (website, reviews, and email interactions were good), but the LinkedIn profile doesn’t sync up with the initial impression, this could be alarming. 

If even you haven’t started using LinkedIn to connect to your customers, you should keep an eye on what your competitors are doing there. A LinkedIn company profile filled with outdated information, full of errors, or too much off-topic content, couldn’t have a good impression on customers. A well-maintained and finely optimized LinkedIn profile can help your business build a positive impression on your customers and increase your revenue by multiple folds. 

Whatever is the reason you didn’t create your Linked company profile yet, this is the right time to create one. We’ll guide you here on how you can create and optimize your company profile on one of the most effective social media platforms. 

Focus on Who, What, and Why of your Business

The initial steps of setting up a company profile are quite simple. Put all the correct information about your industry, contact details, company size, etc. Now, at this point, you need to spend some time while entering your company’s purpose and description. Share with your customers who are you (a little back story could be shared), what you do (your service/product), and why your company is different from your competitors.

An effective and memorable LinkedIn profile is:

  • Informative
  • Insight on why a company is unique
  • Have a customized public URL
  • Brief but contain the right keywords to receive relevant traffic
  • Representative of your company culture

Crafting an effective draft for the about us page using all-important keywords related to your service or products improves your profile’s visibility and gives it a boost on the SERP. 

Showcase your Successful Projects

Got a customer who likes your work and wants to collaborate with you, but something is hindering in the final deal? Well, he needs to see testimonials from your previous clients. 

Showcase all your successful projects on your profile and try to get a testimonial from the clients as well. If you have worked with high-profile customers previously, showcase them predominantly. 

Use Good HD Pictures

A company’s profile on LinkedIn has two important visuals – logo and banner image. Use good quality graphics on these positions to create a good first impression on your customers. 

  • Logo – Logo is your company’s visual representation. To keep your branding consistent across all platforms, use the same HD logo everywhere including LinkedIn. 
  • Banner Image – A banner image is not visible on the search results, but users will see the banner as soon as they click on your profile. It is, in fact, the only most prominent image on your company’s LinkedIn profile. The use of the banner gives you a great opportunity to use graphics and make a great visual connection with your prospects. It is also a good idea to keep updating your banner to keep your current customers engaged. 


Recommended Sized of LinkedIn Graphics

  • Log 300 x 300
  • Cover image 1128 x 191
  • Business banner image 646 x 220
  • Stories image 1080 x 1920
  • LinkedIn Ad Size 100 x 100
  • Blog post link image 1200 x 627
  • Sponsored content image 1200 x 627

Show the Working Faces of your Company

Employee retention is a major problem in today’s world. To help with this and future requirements, use your LinkedIn profile to show the culture people work in your company. 

Using storytelling skills, bring to life interesting happenings within the office. Let your employees talk about their work ethics and express their passion for their jobs. 

Motivate your workers to follow and engage with the company profile as their employer. This helps in growing page audience and build your company’s reputation. 

Use all features of this professionals’ hub to build your brand awareness, trust, and a strong connection with your current customers and prospects.

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