Branding is a disciplined process used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. Branding is about using a variety of ingredients to express why people should choose one brand over another – differentiation. It comes from a desire to outpace the competition, and give businesses the best tools to communicate customers Brand identity is taking these disparate elements and unifying them into whole systems.

    Logo Design


    Your logo is usually the most recognizable part of your brand. A logo is used for businesses or products and is a graphic symbol used to aid and promote identification and recognition of the same. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a wordmark. The logo should be the result of deep research into your competition, should be unique, relevant, and attractive.

    Brochure Design


    Brochures will expand your company’s visibility. Brochures are essential marketing tools when reaching out to new customers. Be sure the copy in your brochure sends out a positive message about your company, service or product – one that shows how amazing you are – that will make people be attracted to your service.

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    Packaging Design


    The design of your packaging is equally important as the product itself. Effective packaging is essential to stand out from your competition and attract customers. The right colors, images, and design on your packaging extend the rand identity and make you recognizable and familiar to the buyer.

    Graphic Design


    Graphic design is visual communication. Everywhere you look at any time – you are exposed to graphic design. Everything that needs to be communicated must be put into some form of design that communicates the message. Graphic design is essential to inform, persuade, direct, organize, entertain, and attract attention through design. We take this across brochures, PPTs, flyers, newsletters – EVERYTHING!

    Company Profile Design


    A powerful company profile is an essential tool to attract customers and prospects. It is an informative platform, highlighting what your company stands for engaging with prospective clients to help them better understand what makes you different and better than your competitors. Having an excellent company profile has the potential of positioning your brand as best in your industry.

    Magically Transforming Your Presence

    We create compelling brand identities that presents your company with an immediately recognisable, distinctive, professional image that positions you for success. Your brand identity helps manage the perception of your business and differentiates you from your competitors.

    Our Branding Roadmap

    The branding process demands a combination of investigation, strategic thinking, design excellence, and project management skills. It requires an extraordinary amount of patience, an obsession with getting it right, and an ability to synthesise a huge amount of different information. The process, when done correctly, can produce remarkable results for your business or product.


    We begin with identifying goals for your brand and analyse your peer competition in the market. Also, the pain points of consumers are pinpointed in this phase.


    Based on our findings, we will create the design theme and visuals for your brand. It has to resonate with your products or services.


    The application of the brand identity reveals its success. Once we have defined the brand identity, we apply it to all your requirements such as website, brochures, social media, PPTs etc.


    Branding is not a one-time project rather it is ongoing work that requires nurturing as per the changing circumstances of the market and our audiences. We stay on top of current trends and ensure your brand stays relevant and compelling

    How We Do Branding?

    Regardless of the type of the client, business, product and the complexity of each client engagement, our branding process remains exactly the same. What changes is the depth with which each phase is conducted, the length of time and the budget allocated.


    We research the client needs – understanding the business, product, goals, customers, and market by asking the right questions


    We closely look at your competition, their positioning, messaging, and target audience to find the gap that you will fill.


    We decide different aspects of your brand – look, feel, design, and aura. The idea is to be unique, coherent and consistent throughout.


    We extend the new brand identity across all the relevant platforms – website, brochures, PPTs, flyers, social media, event collateral, newsletters

    Become A Brand That Strikes A Cord With Its Target Audience

    The Unique Challenges Of Branding In UAE


    UAE has a very unique demographic. It is a country with more expats than citizens. The country’s population is mostly Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos, and other nationalities. Its unique audience makes UAE so interesting and challenging for a branding agency.

    Identifying the target audience can be tough for a product. Even if you define that, pitching and positioning come with another crisis. Language can be a difficult call too because different nationalities mean people understand and communicate in various languages.

    We have just mentioned a few, there are many such small chunks scattered in any branding campaign conducted in UAE. Finding a way and sailing smoothly is not easy. Popular brands that have established themselves among all circles of the UAE have done an almost impossible job.

    Your only chance of success in the UAE depends on who you hire as the branding expert. A good branding agency in UAE is well aware of the market situation. It will prioritize the audience for you along with message tonality for different sectors.

    Anyone who is trying the one-fits-all approach is a failure in UAE even if the product is as commonly used as a detergent. For instance, an South Asian man who goes to mega-mart and stocks a month’s worth of daily essentials for his family will choose a quality detergent and pay a few extra bucks.

    However, an South Asian bachelor who lives alone and gives his clothes to laundry will not even care what detergent he is buying since he just needs it once in a while for maybe washing his home clothes or undergarments. His priority will be affordability rather than quality.

    In the given example, the two South Asian men may appear similar in terms of their outlook but just one difference completely changed the detergent’s target audience.

    The ultimate point is you need such attention to detail in order to grasp the different sections of the target market in the UAE. We, at Wistech, are experienced enough to grasp such minute details and shape our branding strategies accordingly.