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web design in Dubai

Most Common Questions About Web Design in Dubai

Thinking to start a small business, sharing ideas or any other content of the website or an old business wanted to redesign its website because your website is your first impression of production or a powerful and useful introduction tool for clients.

As you know in this era of online business and advanced technology you have to make your content and web design attractive and easily informative so, people will consider it.

Sharing your steps and some of the thoughts to be clear for redesigning the website through the FAQ:

Firstly, doing this redesigning asks you some questions so it will make it easy to create content on your Webpages…

  • Does it important to redesign the Website?
  • Does my site function properly?
  • Does my site accurately represent ideas?
  • Am I achieving the target Audience? Or do they find it useful?
  • Adding some products or new ideas on web pages. How people will know it?
  • Can I earn money from it?

Yes, in starting not achieving the target but achieving the target audience first then you will succeed towards the goal.

  • How long does it take to create a website?

It depends on the project but an average website takes 8-12 weeks because of a complex or e-commerce site.

  • How should we adjust the website according to the target audience? How will I know it?

Define the persona of the audience target finding out who is visiting currently your website through Google Analytics measures the performance of your site and you can make it better according to market strategies as necessary.

  • Would I need to set up a Google Analytics account and use it on my website?

Linking your website with Google Analytics helps you understand how your marketing strategy is working, your users’ behavior, where your users are coming from, and much more. 

A constant check on analytics helps you improve your marketing strategies by understanding your audience, their interest, and their intents. 

  • Is my website difficult to use on Smartphones?

An important key to a great website is available on smartphones, easy to access on smartphones and other devices, and provides your audience with a better user experience. 

  • How to make a website easily accessible for a smartphone?

If you already have a website without a responsive design, you need to get it redesigned completely. Without a responsive website design that makes your site easily accessible on smartphones, you are losing too many visitors, thus, leaving a lot on the table. 

  • Why SEO is important? Is it needed for my site?

Search Engine Optimization is required for ranking a website on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Without proper SEO, it is difficult for your customer to find out your website organically. Best coding practices lead to a great SEO ranking. 

  • Is it done after Redesigning? Will I experience downtime after re-uploaded and would I  be able to edit it more after I update the design?

Yes, the big step is done but you have to make edits more for live sites to see the proper updates on Websites. You have to face propagation time because we don’t own the internet worldwide. Yes, you can make edits until achieving the target content.

  • Which platform should I use to build a website project?

For a corporate website, it is always recommended to have a custom-built website as it provides a lot of independence when it comes to incorporating required features in the site. A custom-built website is also helpful in following the best SEO practices. 

  • Do we need to have all our content ready before contacting a web designing and development agency?

While it is a good practice to keep ready your content before you contact an agency, however, this is not a pre-requisite. During the process of designing and development, you may find a shift in content requirements. 

Also, if your content isn’t working for you on your current site, we would recommend you do some rewrites and make adjustments to your content to ensure it represents the true spirit of your brand. 

Final Thoughts

Starting to create a website or redesigning it is a big task. To make a project successful, it is important to start the process by defining the marketing needs and requirements of your business, making a strategic plan, and partnering with the right agency to help you with your website project. While this is a difficult path to follow but it lays a stronger foundation to reach out to your potential customers.

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