Be Aware, But Don’t be Panic!!!

Some Tips and resources for Small businesses to make the best use of home-quarantine time and take help when needed…

Resources for Small Businesses

  1. Stay away from social media and up-to-the-minute news: Most of them just create panic. Don’t give a dime to forwarded news. Only follow reliable sources like Dubai Govt. or WHO Website for updates.
  2. Know the Facts: Although Corona spreads fast, so far 98% of patients get cured.
  3. Create a new routine: If you’re stuck at home with the kids, enjoy yourself with them. Explore their hobbies and indulge with them.
  4. Learn new things: Youtube and the internet are full of awesome free courses, and if you are a struggling business owner and feeling stuck in the rat race; this is a great time to enhance your knowledge and expertise, and take your business to the next level. Contact Neeru at to get coaching and a work plan for your business growth. She has helped many struggling business owners and definitely, she can be a great help to you.
  5. Improve your Online Presence: It’s proven that having a strong online presence is critical for the success of any business in normal business times but in current situations where people are restricted to their homes and using internet and online shopping more and more, having a better digital platform can lead to a successful online business, adding another revenue stream in the long run.

online presence

Invest this time to improve your online presence with these simple tips and proven resources.

  1. Improve your Branding: Check with Frank for your quick brand audit at
  2. Improve your existing website or start a new e-commerce store: Contact Khuram at (055 1543272) to get a free website audit and a strategy to improve your online presence and conversion. You can even contact him for exploring the idea of developing new Business Apps.
  3. Improve your presence at Google: Ask Wisdom IT at for demystifying SEO.
  4. Utilize linked-in professionally: Learn how you can make the best use of Linked with VIT at
  5. Improve your Social Media Presence: Wisdom is a guru of this field. Connect with them at
  6. Think about doing PR or getting new content: For your website and blog, Wisdom can be your best resource.
  7. Plan your Financials: Current situation has proved that how uncertain our life is, and external forces can make us lose control in no time. This vulnerability of life can be least harmful if we have well-planned financials. Kapil from is a great source to sort out this department.
  8. Talk to your Friends: Great time to connect with your old friends and relatives. Communication channels are easy and many are free like SKYPE. It will reduce anxiety and depression also. skype-logo
  9. Seek a specialist’s help to overcome anxiety: If you are developing stress and anxiety during lock-down times, Annie from can be your best choice. She can even help you with getting rid of smoking, gastric issues, etc.
  10. IT support and trouble-shooting: If you and your employees are working from home and need help with your IT matters, Robert from is undoubtedly your best choice.
  11. Legal assistance: Last but not the least, if you need legal advice related to business and domestic matters, Bianca from can be your contact.

Power of sharing: If you think these resources are helpful for you or may help some of your business colleagues, share more resources for small businesses with them.