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eCommerce MLM Platform

Minora Cart

Transforming eCommerce through Multilevel Multilevel Marketing Approach

One of our client came to us with a startup idea of building a Multi level Affiliate Marketing E-commerce website initially launching in UAE. Engaging with early stage startups is an important aspect of WISDOM’s holistic open innovation approach to remain agile and resilient in today’s global marketplace.

WISDOM has consistently proven to be one of the most startup-friendly agency in UAE by engaging with startups in multiple modes.

WISDOM helped an e-commerce website create a stunningly designed brand and image with a totally custom and unique user interface for better user engagement.

About The Project

Project Overview

The main aim of developing the Minora Cart web app is to provide a platform where the user (Customer) will do the network marketing through online purchase of the product. This WebApp is a combination of network marketing and eCommerce. Here, the user can also earn commissions on purchases, either direct or repurchase if purchase is made from their affiliate/referral link up to 12 referral levels.

Target Industry

The target industry for the project was eCommerce & network marketing, and the client wanted to target the UAE mainly at the beginning.

Main requirements by the client

Team Member Assigned
12 Weeks
Client's Main idea

Main key feature was to create a totally custom income structure for both direct and repurchases for up to 12 levels of referrals. Client needed full manageability of being able to set the percentage for each level of referral income for both nature of incomes either direct or repurchase.

Creating a wallet for users for their earned commissions/income which they will be able to use for purchases on the platform, can withdraw the amount and can send money to their friends on platform.

Providing manageability for creating different E-shops (Creating packages which mainly user can buy/select by making purchase of specific amounts). User’s can start creating their referral team by buying one of the E-Shops.

The user will have its own member folder where he can view all his/her profile details and can view his order status with a wallet for his/her earnings. The user can easily withdraw his earnings or can use them in further purchasing. User can also view his/her referral team tree and commission logs.


1. Implementing MLM Logic

Our main challenge was to build the MLM logic. For that it’s important to understand what MLM is

The client wanted us to implement a Multilevel Marketing e-commerce up-to 12 referral levels. There should be two types of commissions that the client want to give it to its customers.

1: Direct Income

The income/commission gained or earned when a member is directly sharing something with the other member and that member purchases for his/her referral link will be direct income.

2: Repurchase income

If your referral/referred member make a second purchase from your shared link then it will be considered to be a repurchase and commission gained or earned from this is known as the repurchase income.
The system should be able to generate the commission income for both direct and repurchase up to 12 levels.

So how we did it?

We increased productivity by expanding the client’s network using fundamental logic and custom MLM logic implementation. The larger the network, the more the product sells, and the more people who promote the scheme, the more money they make.

We created a custom eCommerce solution for an eCommerce platform, as well as custom solutions to improve referral generation.

To manage the entire process, our developers created custom dashboards for both Admin to manage all the processes easily. These dashboards are tailored to the specific requirements of admin role.