Going “mobile” for most business apps is not just an option – it has now become a necessity. No application is complete without a strong mobile strategy in place. Wisdom IT Solutions is a pioneering mobile app and web development company in Dubai. Our team of mobile application developers have helped our clients develop innovative mobile apps with powerful functionality and intuitive user experience. With advanced tools and technology our mobile apps developers are able to build highly customised mobile applications to drive your business success.


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iPhone Application Development


Apple iOS has moved from niche to huge, we build well-designed and appealing iPhone applications that drives engagement and improves retention. Our professional iPhone application developers use the latest tools and technologies to create superior quality and user-friendly iOS mobile apps.

Android Application Development


We design and develop every type of Android Apps for smartphones and tablets. Our Android developers are passionate and professional and we channel your ideas into a digitised custom Android app that your end users will find irresistible.


As a general rule, we regard the thoughts that strike us as quick and stunning for android application development in Dubai. An impression must be changed over into a useful mobile application development service on the off chance that it tackles a certified issue of the intended interest group who will, in the end, download and utilize the form. In this manner, the thought must be possible, and the achievability of the idea can be controlled by directing statistical surveying, playing out a contenders’ investigation, and setting up well-characterized objectives and goals inside a course of events.

An incredibly indispensable piece of the whole versatile mobile application development services is a careful comprehension of the Google Play Store and the Apple Store since they offer a goldmine with regards to statistical surveying. When you’ve limited thoughts and explicitly laid out the objective of android app development in Dubai, you can explore the application stores for comparable applications, see the number of clients who have downloaded them, peruse through their highlights, look at their audits, etc. This won’t just guide your statistical surveying. However, it will likewise give you an idea for android application development in Dubai.

Since you have your objective, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin chipping away at the conceptualization and perception of the usefulness of the application and it’s UI. There are different approaches to the plan android app development and ios app development in Dubai.

  • Visualizing the careful design of each screen in the form and setting each component, including pennants, catches, and symbols, in the correct spot.
  • It is, in every case, great to have a new UI as long as you are careful about guaranteeing that the client’s experience isn’t undermined.
  • The screens of your application ought to consistently line up with its essential target. Your client ought not to feel lost while utilizing your application.
  • Experiment with the design of your screen. Check whether changing the size of a catch, or the arrangement of a symbol improves it tastefully and practically.

The portable application advancement process further comprises of various stages set by the mobile application development companies in Dubai, which are as follows:

  • The Alpha Phase is the stage wherein only the center’s use of the application is built by mobile app and web Development Company. However, it isn’t tried. At this stage, the app can scarcely work and has a lot of bugs and glitches that need fixing.
  • The Beta Phase includes fusing all the significant highlights and elements of the application, and the application is made to experience a series of light testing. Although the more substantial part of the bugs is fixed, a couple remains. In any case, after this stage, the application can be discharged explicitly to a couple of mobile app development companies in Dubai for testing purposes.
  • The Release Phase is the last stage that comes after each bug has been recognized and fixed after a few rounds of testing, and the application can be discharged to the group of spectators.

Regardless of how consistent your versatile mobile app development services in Dubai appear to you, you can never have enough adjusts of testing to guarantee that it is fail proof and prepared for any client.

At each emphasis, you can perform different sorts of tests, which incorporate the accompanying:

  • Functional testing, where it confirms if the highlights are working precisely the way they should by mobile app development services
  • Usability Testing includes requesting that new clients test the application created by mobile application development services for convenience.
  • Performance Testing is done to guarantee the least reaction time for each errand that your application performs.
  • Fit and Finish testing is for the mobile application development companies in Dubai to test each component and screen of the application to ensure that the engineers have done equity to what they had imagined while structuring the application.
  • Regression Testing, as we previously secured, is over-testing every stage of the mobile app design Dubai.
  • Device-Specific Testing, as the name recommends, includes giving a shot the application on different screen sizes and with whatever different number OS and gadget blends as could be expected under the mobile application development in Dubai to guarantee the adaptability of the form. Instruments like Google’s Firebase can assist you with copying this, yet involving testing for some driving gadgets is always best.

It’s implied this is the most significant of all the mobile app development process. For whatever length of time that you remain with this guide, you’ll do fine and dandy.

The essential objective of this stage is to get a decent number of downloads for your application. What’s more, that includes a ton of work, which can be part of the accompanying iPhone app development in Dubai:

  • Quite like SEO, App Store Optimization is critical to guarantee a fruitful dispatch. There are just around 3 million applications each on the Google Play Store only as of the Apple Store, and to stick out, you need to give a great deal of consideration to the way your application forms – the catchphrases, the depiction, name of the form, and so on.
  • While the application store is the place the clients will at long last download your application form, it is likewise significant that your application’s site position is high in query items. In this way, SEO is something that you have to accomplish for your app.

A fruitful dispatch doesn’t infer that your application will see success. Post-dispatch observing, investigation, always refreshing the app for fixing bugs and crashes, web-based life tuning in, checking surveys, and reacting to them – these are significant advances that finish after the dispatch of an application.