Website Maintenance Dubai. Keep your Website secure and loading fast

Your website is the most important part of your marketing strategy and it needs to perform reliably, consistently, keeping it slick, smart, perfectly polished and working like a dream. Wisdom Website Management team will ensure that:

    Website Security & Maintenance

    Your hard-earned website visitors are seeing the Google Red Warning for un-safe websites, or your website content is broken. Wisdom will ensure that you will not face such issues or that they are fixed immediately. If your site is hacked, we make sure that your site is protected, updated, maintained and backed up.

    Hire your  Local Website Maintenance Dubai Team  to remain secure and up-to-date.

    Clean Up Your Website

    An unprotected website is like an open door for computer viruses. Using the latest technologies and techniques, we scan and remove spyware and computer viruses from your website code and database, and take action to stop malware interrupting your business.


    Get Off The Blacklists

    Once site is cleaned from malware and bad code and your domain’s health status is perfect; we submit reviews with Google and other malware checkers to ensure your visitors don’t get any warnings again. 

    Website Maintenance Dubai Team ensures, you never get black listed.


    Support And Maintenance

    Outdated software and plugins are usually the cause of website vulnerability. We make it sure that your website software is always updated and maintain regular backups to ensure quick and smooth disaster recovery in case anything goes wrong.

    Let's Collaborate

    Discuss Your Branding Needs With Us Today. We will create the best strategy


    Website Maintenance Dubai Services


    Just as we expect to pay attention to timely oil changes and tune-ups on our cars to maintain our investment, our websites also need regular attention also. Websites need ongoing maintenance for many reasons: apart from security risks and hacking attacks


    Our Website Maintenance Dubai Packages ensure your Website is always ready to welcome your visitors.

    Website Repair Services


    Google has registered over 2 million phishing sites as of January 2021 – this is up from 1.7 million in January 2020, which equates to a 27% increase in 12 months</span?

    It’s the worse situation when your clients and prospects are seeing red screens or warnings or even simply no site at all. Do you know every 2nd website suffers hacking attacks more than one time in its life?

    If your site has been hacked or infected with malware or spam, you should act quickly to repair the damage, protect your reputation and prevent your website being blacklisted. Is your website already marked as “This site may harm your computer” in Google and your customers are being scared away?

    We use both automated Virus Test Services as well manual techniques to protect your website.

    Wisdom has qualified web developers and security experts to enable full website recovery as quick as possible and get you back on track.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Do My Website Need Maintenance?

    As an online entrepreneur, we know how important it is to have a well-structured website. But simply having the site up and running is not enough.

    You might not think it, but the person who manages your site is just as important as the person who built it (Web Designer). Why? Keeping a site maintained is a way to keep it up-to-date and secure for you and your visitors. Proper website maintenance is essential for site security, visitor growth, and improved performance.

    What is includes in Web maintenance service?

    A usual website maintenance package includes CMS Updates, Security check and tightening, Backup and Disaster recovery services. Quarterly website speed optimization and Google vitals improvement services can be a plus.
    However, in some cases content updates, Blog updates, banners updates are also include in website maintenance services.

    How much Website Maintenance Service Cost?

    A Standard Website maintenance package cost 125$ per month which includes hosting, daily External Virus check, daily backups, CMS Updates, Disaster Recovery. However, it may increase based on size of website. We also do once a Year Speed optimization complimentary for our annual contract holders.
    Besides regular Package, we offer hourly rates for website content and other updates.

    What is Website Insurance?

    Here are some Statistics:
    – Almost every 2nd website get hacked and it looses its content and trust. They have to re-do websites not for the sake of better design but because of hacking and malware attacks.
    – Google has registered over 2 million phishing sites as of January 2021 – this is up from 1.7 million in January 2020, which equates to a 27% increase in 12 months

    At Wisdom, we provide an insurance, that your website will never go down as long as it is under our Website Maintenance Contract. And in case it goes down, we keep backups and bring it back with in 8 hours (Mostly in 30 mins.)

    Why I hire a local company for my Website Maintenance?

    Three ways a local web maintenance team can be helpful.

    1. Local team can respond faster for emergency issues with website.
    2. Dubai based company is legally responsible for contract you make with them. Your website is a very important tool for your business marketing and you cannot give it in hands of who cannot be help legally responsible for their acts.
    3. For updates or rectifications, you can sit with locally available Web Developers and Designers to get your work done faster without costly and time consuming communication gaps.

    So always hire a local Website Maintenance Dubai Service Company.