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Hiring a freelance Logo Designer

Hiring a Freelance Logo Designer

Creating a logo is the first step in establishing your brand as a founder. Rebranding is often costly; therefore, branding should be done right by hiring a professional logo designer. If you have never hired a freelance logo designer then go through this guide as it has been prepared for your convenience. Hiring the right professional logo designer is crucial because it will create the identity of your brand. So once you have identified a professional logo designer, ask them certain questions to ensure that they are the right fit.

Can you share your work portfolio?

A portfolio is like a resume. It is the fastest way of assessing if the logo designer has worked for businesses in your industry. Some designers will have a portfolio with diverse ideas while some designers will have a similar theme with a unique touch for each business. You might even find a logo similar to what you are looking for.

Where are your testimonials?

Now testimonials are not very prominent but they play a powerful role just like a portfolio. This way you will learn about some of their clients that you are familiar with. Furthermore, you could approach some of their past clients and ask them about the customer services of the professional logo designer. In this way, you will know about the experiences of their past clients from the design process till getting the final product.

What should I tell you about my business?

Just like you have prepared a list of questions for the professional logo designer, he/she will have some questions about your business. You could share your branding agenda with them along with basic information about your business like your target audience, your product, and so on. Their questions will be aimed at gathering know-how about your business values and the products that you represent. This will help the designer in developing an understanding of your business ad your ideas about your logo.

What’s the price tag?

I understand that getting your money’s worth is important but don’t waste your time in finding the cheapest resources. Design is worth more than particular hours spent designing it at a certain hourly rate but at the same time, it should not create a huge dent in your budget. Remember – you are not just paying for a website logo. You are buying time from the designer. You are paying for their experience, and creative ideas and for crafting a visual presentation of your branding. However, if you are unsure about the price then just ask the next questions in this guide. If their response to the next questions of this guide is not satisfying then just move on to the next proposal.

What’s the package?

You will need different files of your logo like the creation files or the master files. You will also need to know about the standards regarding the use of the theme, logo, and colors for branding purposes. This step will highlight additional costs that you will have to incur like printing business cards. You might need some other promotional items like key chains, ball-point pens, customized wrapping paper, stamps, and whatnot. In this step, just ensure that the professional logo designer is on the same page with you in terms of deciding the cost of additional services.

What should be the deadline?

Every design is different and has its own timeline. Try setting an adequate timeline while including milestones. This will help in planning your next business move as you can execute the next step in accordance with the delivery of your business logo. The best logo design will meet the decided deadline and timeline set for your project. If you are rebranding your established business then you will have sufficient time for conveying rebranding changes to your employees.

How shall we go about the designing process?

Ask about the design process. How many design options will you get? How many times can you ask for a revision? When will you see the proper colors incorporated into the design? Can you give reviews during the process to push the creativity level of the professional logo designer?

How will you both stay in touch?

Ask about the regular communication medium. Any poor communication at this stage is a red flag because the project has not even started yet. Thus, decide the channel of contact at the initial stage.

Hiring the Best Logo Designer

Highlighting what both parties will require at the initial stage will help in eliminating any problems during the design stage. This is the point where you share your expectations from the best logo designer. Therefore, start a relationship with mutual trust and respect while setting the terms and conditions of the project to ensure that the branding process is smooth. This can be done by discussing the questions in this useful guide.

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