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Top 10 Visually Pleasing Homepage Designs

Top 10 Visually Pleasing Homepage Designs

Your site’s landing page is the primary thing individuals see when they land on your website. You have just a couple of moments to wow them with delightful symbolism, connecting with content and convincing CTAs. Each advertiser needs to make an outstanding landing page structure that changes over, as a dreadful plan keeps imminent purchasers from making the planned move. Keep in mind; individuals won’t convert on the off chance that you don’t give them a slick, perfect, and mechanical plan. This is the reason it is imperative to win the trust of your clients by understanding the underlying structural components that must be fused into your site. On the off chance that you are thinking to refresh your landing page structure in 2019 that will best work for your crowd and business both, here are some out-of-the-crate landing page plan models that assist you with hiring a web design agency.

How about we begin? Let’s take a look at the top 10 homepage designs.

Top 10 Homepage Designs

1. HubSpot


At the point when you land on HubSpot’s site, the LEGO characters promptly grab your eye which is deliberately put to pass on the message of the brand. They use exceptionally persuading the CTA button “Begin” to urge clients to attempt their free form. The blue and orange shading plan causes you to notice CTAs and connections, managing clients what they should do.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is an imaginative landing page plan model that is utilizing legendary pictures to grab the eye of clients. The brand realizes well how to pull in its crowd and understands its torment focuses as far as security and effectiveness. Connecting with and appealing CTAs with dull foundation draw more consideration from the clients while giving clients a primary and straightforward route.

3. Airbnb


Airbnb is one of the beautiful landing page models that is controlling its clients on what to do when they land on their site. The landing page incorporates a goal and date search structure to manage guests to the sensible subsequent stage. The inquiry structure is insightful enough and auto-fills the subtleties of now signed-in clients. They cleverly utilize the foundation shade of CTA “Search” which makes it stand apart from the rest. Airbnb clients are given recommendations for doors and outings and show which of these destinations are generally mainstream among clients.

4. Slack


The landing page plan of Slack comprises impressive outlines and vibrant designs. The slogan “where work occurs” says everything and unmistakably tells the reason for their item. Clients can sign in or make a record; in this way, Slack’s landing page clarifies what guests should do.

5. Mint


Mint spotlights on straightforward and clean structure, robust features, and inconspicuous feel, which make an exceptional style and character of a brand. The landing page contains a direct, persuasive CTA duplicate “Join Free,” which urges clients to make a move. The structure of a CTA button is stunning that has a built sure about lock symbol that creates a feeling of well-being among its clients.

6. Crazy Egg


The landing page structure of Crazy Egg centers is intended to urge guests to enter their site URL to see a heatmap. Another choice of the 30-day free preliminary is additionally accessible for clients alongside the option of “Drop whenever.” They keenly utilize social confirmation to advise their guests that a massive user base confides in their instrument for expanding site transformation.

7. Skype


Skype’s landing page configuration is customized for its target group which works impeccably well on all gadget types, and the feature shows that they have a substantial client base who confides in their administration. They notice three things individuals can utilize Skype for – Talk, Chat, and Collaborate. The CTA button with a blue foundation and white content stands apart on the page and grabs clients’ eyes.

8. Chipotle


Another extraordinary landing page structure model is that astutely utilizes the approaching occasion as their one-of-a-kind incentive, getting clients to begin navigating the site. They used outwardly charming and enticing nourishment photography to make clients hungry.

9. Ahrefs


Ahrefs viably utilized the eye-catching shading difference of blue, white, and orange shading that makes the feature and CTA stand apart on the page. The CTA catch and subheading make a delightful mix that convinces clients to begin following and outranking contenders for nothing. The landing page offers different choices for the clients; the intelligent utilization of a strong foundation and clean typography makes the planning mess-free and mostly marvelous. Another extraordinary landing page structure model is that astutely utilizes the approaching occasion as their one-of-a-kind incentive, getting clients to begin navigating the site. They used outwardly charming and enticing nourishment photography to make clients hungry.

10. Wisdom


The site’s landing page centers around getting details of visitors. They keenly utilized a slider alternative to disclosing to their crowd what they do. Once visitors scroll down, they find the Web Solutions bar which shows some basic services provided by Wisdom that are in top demand by local customers. On the off chance that you look down, you will discover all the services that the organization offers along with contextual analyses that will win imminent customers’ trust. Besides, the testimonials of some clients show projects completed. Further below, the landing page shows details of other services provided by Wisdom. The landing page has smartly gathered clients’ information while letting them know all the services provided topped with testimonials of some of the best corporations in UAE.


Remember, you never get another opportunity to make an initial introduction to your site guests. Improve your landing page configuration by remembering the (top 10 homepage designs) above referred to as marvelous models, or contact Wisdom – an expert web design agency and modern organization in Dubai that will change your current plan into a viable one.

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