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Phases of Website Design & Development

The 6 Phases of Website Design and Development

When assembling the fundamental business segment of this website, we composed an article that frameworks the Six Phases of the Website Design and Development Process. As our very own vital piece organization site, the material is inclined to how we at Wisdom IT Solutions, for one assist customers through their website development. Here on the blog, be that as it may, we needed to make a progressively summed-up post. Same essential thought, anyway, this variant can be used by anybody, paying little mind to who they contract to plan their site. We trust this helps when thinking about website design Dubai!

The Web Site Design and Development Process

There are various strides in the web architecture and improvement process. From covering social occasions to the making of your website, and lastly, to support staying up with the latest and current. The careful procedure will shift somewhat from fashioner to creator, yet the nuts and bolts are the equivalents.
  1. Information Gathering
  2. Planning
  3. Design
  4. Development
  5. Testing and Delivery
  6. Maintenance

Stage One: Information Gathering

The initial phase in structuring a fruitful site is to assemble data. Numerous things should be contemplated when the look and feel of your website are made. This initial step is the most significant one, as it includes a strong comprehension of the organization it is made for. It consists of a decent understanding of you – what your business objectives and dreams are, and how the web can be used to assist you with accomplishing those objectives. Significantly, your website developer starts by posing a ton of inquiries to assist them with understanding your business and your needs on a site.

Specific interesting points are:


What is the motivation behind the site? Would you like to give data, advance help, or sell an item…?


What do you plan to achieve by building this site? Two of the more shared objectives are either to profit or share data.

Target Audience

Is there a particular gathering of individuals that will assist you with arriving at your objectives? It is useful to picture the “perfect” individual you need to visit your site. Think about their age, sex, or interests – this will later assistance decide the best structure style for your website.


What sort of data will the intended interest group be searching for on your site? Are they searching for explicit data, a specific item or administration, or web-based requesting…?

Stage Two: Planning

Utilizing the data assembled from stage one, the time has come to construct an arrangement for your site. This is where a site map is created. The site map is a rundown of all principal subject regions of the site, just as sub-themes, if material. This fills in as a guide concerning what substance will be on the site and is essential to building up a reliable, straightforward navigational framework. The end client of the site – otherwise known as your client – must be remembered when structuring your website. These are the individuals who will find out about your administration or purchasing your item. A decent UI makes it simple to explore the site and is the reason for this.

During the arranging stage, your website developer will likewise enable you to choose what advancements ought to be executed. Components, for example, what CMS (content administration framework, for example, WordPress to fuse, will any contact structures be required, and so forth are examined when arranging your site.

Stage Three: Design

Drawing from the data got together to this point, it’s an excellent opportunity to decide the look and feel of your site. The target crowd is one of the critical elements contemplated. A site focused on adolescents, for instance, will appear to be a lot of unique than one implied for a money-related establishment. As a significant aspect of the planning stage, it is likewise critical to fuse components, for example, the organization logo or hues to help fortify the character of your organization on the site.

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Your website developer in Dubai will make at least one model structure for your site. This is ordinarily a .jpg picture of what the last structure will resemble. In many cases, you will be sent an email with the false ups for your site, while different planners make it a stride further by giving you access to a safe zone of their website implied for clients to see work in progress. In any case, your fashioner ought to enable you to see your task all through the structure and improvement stages. An essential purpose behind this is it offers you the chance to express your preferences on the site plan.

In this stage, correspondence between both you and your originator is significant to guarantee that the last site will coordinate your needs and taste. Notably, you work intimately with your originator, trading thoughts, until you land at the previous structure for your website. At that point, Development can start…

Stage Four: Development

The formative stage is simply where the site is made. As of now, your website designer will take the entirety of the individual realistic components from the model and use them to make a real, practical webpage. This is commonly done by first building up the landing page, trailed by a “shell” for the inside pages. The shell fills in as a format for the substance pages of your webpage, as it contains the fundamental navigational structure for the site. When the tank has been made, your designer will post content. Components, for example, the CMS (content administration framework) like WordPress, intelligent contact structures, or internet business shopping baskets, are executed and made useful during this stage, too.

This whole time, your originator should keep on gaining your in-ground site accessible to you for review, so you can propose any further changes or adjustments you might want to have done. On the specialized front, a fruitful site requires a comprehension of front-end web development. This includes composing legitimate HTML/CSS code that goes along with current web principles, augmenting usefulness, and just as openness for as enormous a crowd of people as could be expected under the circumstances. This is tried in the following stage…

Stage Five: Testing and Delivery

Now, your website developer will take care of the extreme subtleties and test your site. They will check things, for example, the total usefulness of structures or different contents, and also last testing a minute ago similarity issues (seeing contrasts between various internet browsers). They are guaranteeing that your site is streamlined to be recognized appropriately in the latest program adaptations. A decent website developer is one who is knowledgeable in current benchmarks for web composition and improvement. The essential innovations as of now utilized are HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

As a component of testing, your originator should check to be sure that the entirety of the code composed for your site approves. The legal system implies that your webpage meets the present web development models – this is useful when checking for issues, for example, cross-program similarity, as referenced previously. When you give your website developer the last endorsement, the time has come to convey the webpage. An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program is utilized to transfer the site records to your server. Some website developers offer space name enlistment and web facilitating administrations also or have proposals concerning where you can have your webpage. When these records have been the arrangement and your site transferred to the server, the website ought to be put through one final go-through. This is only prudent, to affirm that the total of records have been transferred effectively, and that the site keeps on being completely practical.

Other last subtleties incorporate module establishment (for WordPress or different CMS-driven sites and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Website design enhancement is the development of your site with components, for example, title, portrayal, and watchword labels, which help your website accomplish higher rankings in the web crawlers. The recently referenced code approval is something that assumes the first job in SEO, too. There are numerous WordPress modules accessible that further upgrade the default WordPress usefulness – a significant number of which legitimately identify with improving your SEO, also.

There are a lot of subtleties associated with enhancing your site for the web crawlers – enough to warrant its very own post. This is a significant advance because, although you presently have a website, you have to ensure that individuals can discover it! Note to self… compose a post according to SEO. This denotes the official dispatch of your site, as it is currently perceptible to general society.

Stage Six: Maintenance

The development of your site isn’t finished, however. One approach to bringing rehash guests to your site is to offer new content or items all the time. Most website developers will gladly keep cooperating with you to refresh the data on your site. Numerous planners offer upkeep bundles at diminished rates, in light of how regularly you foresee making changes or augmentations to your site. If you want to be more active, and update your very own substance, there is something many refer to as a CMS (Content Management System) for example, WordPress can be actualized to your site.

This is something that would be chosen during the Planning stage. With a CMS, your fashioner will use online programming to build up a database-driven website for you. A site driven by a CMS enables you to alter the substance territories of the website yourself. You are offered access to a back-end authoritative territory, where you can utilize an online content manager (more limited than a standard variant of Microsoft Word). You’ll have the option to alter existing substances along these lines, or if you are feeling progressively brave, you can even include new pages and content yourself. The conceivable outcomes are unfathomable!

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