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Extensions in Google Chrome

10 Magical extensions to convert your website into a True Game Changer for any business.

We all know how Google Chrome has taken the internet by storm, and how it’s been used everywhere in the world by millions and billions. Yet still, can you imagine that these 10 magical extensions have gone mostly unnoticed by the masses? What’s even better is that these programs are free. Here’s a brief outline of 10 Magical Extensions of Google Chrome.

1. Pocket Extension

This program in Google will save your favorite readings for later. You don’t have to worry about having to lose it, you can access it from any device later, be it your tablet, your mobile phone, or your laptop, by just clicking on the pocket extension in your Google Chrome.

2. Language Immersion Extension

You don’t need to worry about language problems when conversing with someone who doesn’t understand your language-be in business dealings or day-to-day conversations. It translates the text from whatever language input you choose to the language you want to be translated. It makes life so much easier, doesn’t it? Not only does it make language translation easy, but it also helps you to learn a new language.

3. Panic Button

This button makes it easy to hide every one of your tabs without a moment’s delay with one single click and later redeem them. A panic Button makes it less demanding for you to hide the majority of your tabs just by tapping once. Subsequently, the Panic Button turns green and demonstrates to you what tabs are hidden at the moment. Another tap on the Panic Button reestablishes the majority of the tabs you have had to hide in the first place.

4. Google Mail Checker

This extension is especially meant for people who are so busy with their schedules that going to Gmail and then checking for emails seems like a hefty task. On the other hand, an eye on emails is also critical. That is why this program helps in keeping in check the number of emails received by giving you notifications so that you are kept informed about your Gmail inbox without even opening it.

5. Ad Blocker

This particular extension lets you block ads which might seem a nuisance. When you are trying to access particular sites, it is often seen that pop-up ads or banner ads appear at first which might be annoying. This Ad Blocker will block all these ads for you, and it will help clean up the mess of pop-ups and banners altogether. Of course, you can control the extent of blocking yourself.

6. One Tab

This extension is great for multiple tabs as it lets you organize them in the form of a list so that it’s easy for you to select which tab to open next. This extension has particularly been helpful for people who need multiple tabs open all the time, and accessing a particular tab becomes difficult-more like a maze to pass through. One tab eases all these troubles and presents to you a list of the currently open tabs concerning time and date.

7. Chrome Remote Desktop

This extension has been declared a magical program by all means. You can access your desktop from any another device through the internet, and with special permissions. It is not a big deal if you forgot a specific file at home; you can access it through Chrome Remote Desktop and still shine in that meeting!

8. Google Search By Image

This extension lets you search anything anywhere by using a single image. It is more like Google Images to some extent, however, it lets you search any image on the internet that you are specifically looking for. For example, if you have an image of a restaurant and you want to find out the name of the restaurant and its location and other details-this extension is your best choice. You can search places, people, images and almost anything by providing Google just a template.

9. Chrome to Mobile

This extension lets you enjoy your desktop Chrome on your mobile phone. Whether you want it in the form of live pages or online pages, it is helpful in all aspects. This brings the experience of your desktop to your phone, and nothing can compare to such ease. It is surely a magical extension for all professionals.

10. Grammarly

This is certainly the hottest topic of the internet today. Through Grammarly, you can correct all your grammar mistakes while you’re writing them-at the spot correction and suggestions of words! Not only this, but Grammarly also helps you writing structured essays, articles, and emails. It doesn’t let you down. It is one of the must-have extension by students, professionals and almost everyone who writes.

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