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Successful Ramadan marketing Campaign

How Can UAE Brands Run A Successful Ramadan 2021 Marketing Campaign?

Ramadan 2021 Marketing Campaign is a blessing and to be able to fast in this glorious month is nothing less than a gift from the Almighty. The beauty of this month is that it brings opportunities for us to leap forward in both our religious stature, personal life, and the business arena as well.

The Month Of Great Blessing

The month of Ramadan is also the month when people spend with open hands – the concept of charity prevails more in this month than in several other months combined. People also buy more during Ramadan, particularly while preparing for the Eid-Ul-Fitr, celebrated right after this holy month concludes. In a nutshell, the month of Ramadan 2021 Marketing Campaign is an excellent time to build a successful brand, especially in places like the UAE, where the customers have a higher buying power.

Running A Successful Ramadan 2021 Marketing Campaign

But the question here is that with countless brands trying to break previous sales records, how can your brand in the UAE run a successful Ramadan 2021 marketing campaign to stand out from the crowd? This article entails all the necessary details regarding this topic.

Relevancy Is Key

The last thing you want is to build a Ramadan campaign for your product without having the element of ‘Ramadan’ in it. If your marketing collateral and content don’t resonate with this month’s vibe, viewers may disregard it, considering it irrelevant. Tailor your content around the Holy month, starting from designs to offers, communication, and beyond. This will add the relevancy your audience will be looking for during this month and translate into better numbers.

Run Paid Media

This is not the month to hold back and wait for organic marketing to do its thing. Plan ahead of the month and allocate a specific budget for your ad campaign to get more online impressions. Remember: users are searching for relevant content, products, and services online this month. Running paid ads will allow you to reach such users where they are, which can drastically increase your chances of conversion.Here’s a pro tip: ad video-based content in your Ramadan 2021 marketing campaign. It will build authority and increase the ranking of your website.

Develop A Thorough Campaign

Don’t start preparing for your Ramadan 2021 marketing campaign at the eleventh hour. Make sure you have the entire campaign’s big idea and collateral planned and ready for execution weeks ahead of time. This will allow you to fix any potential errors and ensure a seamless online and offline campaign for your brand. Make sure your marketing collateral for this campaign contains a broad set of collateral from video ads to statics, carousels, and more. This will let your cater to a wider audience altogether.

Focus On Your Communication

Connectivity is critical for the success of your Ramadan 2021 marketing campaign. Add elements that reflect this month into your content. For example, a crescent reflects the moon when the new month (of Ramadan) begins. You may make it part of your marketing collateral. Similarly, when it comes to copy, it should contain elements that trigger your brain to start thinking about the Holy month. For example: ‘Sahoor’ and ‘Iftaar’ are two words that immediately let your brain recall the Holy month of Ramadan.

Begin With A Teaser

Starting your Ramadan 2021 marketing campaign with a few teasers will let you grab your audience’s attention and fuel your main campaign. If you succeed in the motive, your Ramadan 2021 marketing campaign will also perform better since the audience would already be in line waiting for your product or service. However, do not under-deliver after creating great hype. You do not want to lose the trust of your potential buyers, which is why you have to make sure you deliver what you promise in the teaser campaign, or better yet, exceed the expectations.

In A Nutshell

Ramadan is the month when the market is usually very active. It is an excellent time to grab a significant share and churn high profits. However, to compete during this month, your brand needs to bring its A-game. You can use our above mentioned tips to ensure that you run a successful Ramadan 2021 marketing campaign.

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