For something to secure a place in your heart, it must first appeal to your eye. This phenomenon is even more important when it comes to marketing and designing your e-commerce web. An e-commerce web is not just expected to offer a greater level of usability and ease; it must also satisfy the aesthetic demands of the user with its unique and minimalistic design.

Choosing the right design that rightly goes with the type of business that you deal in, is a critical task. However, the availability of infinite free templates has greatly eased it up. Out of all the plug-ins currently available for this task, Woo-Commerce is one of the most popular ones.

Here is a list of reasons why people who belong to Ecommerce Website Development Dubai prefer Woo-commerce these days.

  • Design Approach

WooCommerce does not only relieve you of the worry of incorporating, on your website, the means of selling your products or services online; it also relieves you of the stress of designing. It does not provide you with any classy designs of its own; it is rather thoughtfully created to work well with your existing WordPress themes and designs. Being compatible with almost all the WordPress themes, this plug-in values your time and energy that you have already spent on customizing the WordPress theme as per your needs and desires.

However, it greatly enhances the entire look by providing you with numerous classy listing styles that ultimately highlights the products and services that your e-commerce platform deals in. All in all, it is a worthy creation that adds value to your existing e-commerce WordPress Theme.

  • Price

As an open-source plug-in, WooCommerce itself is free software. Nevertheless, the additional cost of setting up the software and the expense of extensions such as SEO and payment gateways, sometimes make the user consider it an expensive choice. Though the numerous benefits offered in return truly makes the expenditure worth it and the overall cost remains the same as any other subscription-based platform. Thereby, the companies of Ecommerce Website Design Dubai usually go for WooCommerce instead.

  • Support

WooCommerce serves its users with a greater deal of usability and support. Apart from letting the user access the WordPress forums, this plug-in also offers the user to create a free user account at where a user is provided with free support. This is an ideal option for those who do not want to get into the hassle of talking to a customer services representative.

  • Selling Opportunities

Being an open-source platform, WordPress itself provides you with numerous opportunities to attract potential buyer and WooCommerce adds to this feature by offering the following distinct facilities.

  • Whether it’s about affiliate marketing or about selling a physical or digital product, this plug-in caters to all your needs
  • Easy payment options via PayPal and Stripe.
  • Extremely adjustable shipping rates
  • Infinite product categories and listing option
  • Relativity with mobile
  • Works with your existing theme
  • The Facebook extension is free
  • Ease of Use

Just like all other known platforms, woo-commerce is also really easy to use. However, just because it is not an ordinary subscription-based solution to your web-designing worries, there are certain prerequisites of using this plugin. The few basic ones are listed below.

  • Get hold of a domain name of your choice
  • Create a hosting account
  • Download and then Install WordPress
  • Find, select and then install a theme of your choice

Once you have successfully followed these four steps, you are good to go. Whether it’s about adding products on your site or about providing the user with pricing, shipping, payment or currency options, woo-commerce is way too easy to help you create a site as per your choice.

Precisely, it is right to conclude that WooCommerce is currently one of the best free plug-ins currently available to the user. Keeping in view its distinct characteristics and infinite functionalities, this plug-in is exceptionally ruling the world of ecommerce Website Development UAE. It promises to provide you with numerous valuable options to set-up a classy e-commerce platform that stands out of the crowd in today’s competitive world.

The best part about it is that it goes handy with your existing e-commerce design and thus, saves your time and energy and that too by adding value to the product or services listings. What else could you wish for? It is, without a doubt, a one-stop solution to your e-commerce selling needs.