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LinkedIn - Starting point for any digital marketing

Why LinkedIn should be considered as starting point for any Digital Marketer?

If you are looking to make new professional connections or trying to generate leads and build your brand, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for you. While it is an important online platform for making professional connections, it could be a real game-changer for your online business.Whether you are a marketer or an entrepreneur who wants to promote his/her own business, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms with over 550 million active professionals using it.In this article, we will share why every marketer should consider LinkedIn as a starting point.

Decision Makers are Easily Accessible:

A marketer can be successful when he/she can access decision-makers. If you want to interact directly with them instead of gatekeepers, using LinkedIn is the best way to do so.

A carefully crafted InMail, sponsored content, native ad, or even a simple friendly not-too-salesy message can help you find your next potential client.

Effective for Product Launches:

Previously, whenever a business launches a new product, it had to release a press release to let the world know about it. However, social media has changed the game.

Now, various social media platforms – especially LinkedIn – have a major impact on how you give this news to bloggers, media, and above all consumers.

According to various stats, LinkedIn is now the #1 platform for product launches.

Helps in Relationship Building:

Different businesses have different sales cycles. For instance, a B2B business usually has a longer sales cycle as compared to a B2C. But again, this is not always the case.

No matter this cycle is short or long, you need to make sure that you have a good relationship with your customers. So that when the time comes and they need to buy something similar to your product, they immediately think of you and buy from your company.

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management):

LinkedIn personal and professional profiles have high authority, and Google ranks them higher for queries that contain an employee’s name, brand name, and company name.

The more real estate you enjoy on the first page of Google, the lesser chances of having search engine reputation management issues, and your business can rock the internet.To make sure that your LinkedIn profile is at a good rank on SERP, ensure:
  • You are using relevant keywords in your bio and description of your page
  • You have used descriptive wordings in your company name and job title
  • Your personal profile and company description are completed
  • You have included the link to your website in your profile, description, and LinkedIn posts

Increases your Brand Visibility:

When you keep adding connections, interacting with people, answering their questions, and participating in group discussions, you make your brand more visible. With the help of these techniques and engaging people in healthy discussions, people start to follow you considering you a thought leader and an expert in your niche.

Direct Interaction with the Ideal Client:

Every business has an ideal client, and if your ideal client is a professional adult, LinkedIn is the best place to interact with him/her.

While using LinkedIn, you can approach your ideal client in many ways. You can either craft a message and send an InMail to the person who fits your customer avatar or you can show ads to those specific people as well.

It means that instead of throwing the mud on the wall and seeing what sticks to it, you can actually use your marketing budget smartly.

Higher ROI:

Do you know what is the best thing ever happens when you target your ideal client directly?Yes, you guess it right. An increased ROI.When you approach your target audience directly using proven methods, your graph of sales starts moving upwards.In fact, LinkedIn also helps its users to run effective marketing campaigns with the help of LinkedIn’s marketing API programIt helps you in split testing and understanding why and how your campaign is working, so you can multiply your good and throw the bad out.

Improved Face-to-Face Professional Relationship:

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is a great platform to help businesses and nurture healthy online professional relationships. However, many types of research show that it helps in solidifying in-person contacts as well. According to the infographic by WishpondLinkedIn helps more than 44% of users to establish better face-to-face relationships.

Potential to Reach all your Connections:

If you want to make sure that your content reaches all your connections, use LinkedIn. Contrary to Facebook, every post appears on the feed of all of the connections regardless of how often they have interacted with your posts previously.

It means that all your efforts to build your presence on this platform are rewarded with a large audience and are not hindered by any sort of algorithm.

However, this doesn’t mean that all of your connections or followers are online at the time when you post to see it. Therefore, experts suggest being regular in posting content on LinkedIn to maximize your reach.

If you want to reach 60% of your followers, you should post at least 20 times a month.

As discussed in this article, there are many benefits of using LinkedIn as a marketing tool. Investing time and money in this platform will surely be a worthwhile decision for your business.

If LinkedIn is not a part of your marketing strategy, don’t think for too long and start using it to bloom your business.

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